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Calculator Common Multiples

General Changes:
– The History Line now re-evaluates correctly after removing a button. In Version 1 it was chronically. In Version 2 it is re-evaluated each time using BOMDAS.
– Click on the (x) to delete currently entered number.
– App styling updates.
– Additional Alerts if incorrect sequence of buttons selected.

Optional In-App Purchase of “Premium Features”
Note: The app will still work exactly the same as Version 1 without the In-App Purchase – with the benefits described above.

Premium Features:
– Change number of button rows displayed.
– Change button background / text colours.
– Ability to re-order buttons.


This App was designed to be a simple extension to the BASIC Calculator by adding the feature of STORING COMMONLY USED SUMS. Additionally indicating whether or not those sums had been applied through the use of HIGHLIGHTING and as well as displaying the sum on the HISTORY line. The buttons can be selected and deselected.

ALL the buttons can be EDITED to have any basic equation you want! Making this very DYNAMIC and useable in any field you deem fit. There is no limit on the number of buttons available, they will automatically resize. The more buttons you add the smaller they will get, so exercise judgement as to the best number of buttons for you.

NO DEFAULT BUTTONS are supplied as those calculations would be specific to your needs! The app will start with a blank space, click on the “Settings” icon and start adding.

Any calculations seen in the screenshots are for demonstration purposes only and you should specifically verify any calculation you intent to use.

Use the “COG” icon to ADD or EDIT buttons. There is no limit on the number of buttons available, they will get smaller and smaller the more you use, so exercise judgement as to the best number of buttons for you.

Credit for Icons: Icon made by from

App Created and Designed by Neville Smythe and enquires please contact Neville via email



1 Introduction

I, Neville Smythe am committed to protecting the privacy of users of the App – “Calculator Common Multiples”.  I understand and appreciate that you are concerned about your privacy, and the confidentiality and security of any information that you provide.

This Privacy Policy demonstrates my commitment to protecting your privacy by describing how we collect, hold and use personal information, and how that information can be accessed.

In this policy “personal information” has the same meaning as under the Privacy Act 1988.

2 Personal information that we collect

2.1 Financial Payments/Records

Version 2 of this App has the ability to unlock ‘Premium Features’ via the use of Apples – ‘In App Purchases’ functionality. All payment and personal information is not stored by myself. This feature is handled entirely by Apples In App Purchase module. You and Apple communicate independently and Apple will send a confirmation to the App if the purchase was successful or not. This confirmation is stored by the App as a True or False value so that you have access to the features paid for. Apple then will credit me a portion of the In App Purchase after they first take their fees.


3 Use and disclosure

3.1 Use of your personal information

I keep no Personal Information of who purchased the Features. Apples systems do provide visibility to me on when purchases occurred but not by whom.

3.2 Purchases by Children

The App checks that your device is set so that it can make purchases. If children have access to your device it is recommended that you uses parental controls.

4 Security of your personal information

The communication via the In-App Purchase between Apple and yourself using Apples recommended processes.

5 Comments or Complaints

If you have a question, comment or complaint regarding our Privacy Policy or procedures, you should contact:

6 Changes to this policy

From time to time, it may become necessary for us to review or amend this policy, and we reserve the right to do so. Any changes will be made as and when required,  you will be able to view this policy on this website.

7 Contacting the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

If you would like further information about privacy laws in Australia you can contact:

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
GPO Box 5218 Sydney NSW 2001
GPO Box 2999 Canberra ACT 2601
Phone: 1300 363 992